Will Commercial Construction Take Off in Late 2011, Early 2012? – Commercial Construction

When the real estate market crashed for the residential sector most people could not believe the massive devastation in the industry. Others began saying it can only get worse, because if the economy doesn’t get better all those commercial properties will end up in the same boat. Luckily, the economic recovery at least for the corporations has been quite good. Most of the corporations are showing profits, and some of them are showing great profits, thus, they need commercial buildings.The stock market in the last three years has been stellar, that is ever since March of 2009. This has helped prevent the toppling of the commercial sector. All that needs to happen now is for banks to start funding commercial construction projects for the future. And I believe that is starting to happen right now. This is also very good news because generally the construction industry is part of any widespread economic recovery from a downward turn in the business cycle.There was an interesting article recently on this topic in the Wall Street Journal on May 5, 2011 titled “Some Banks Open the Spigot for Commercial Real Estate” by David Benoit. There is also a rather truth-telling graph accompanying the article showing the commercial real estate loan drops from just over $500 million to $185 million between 2007 and 2008, which we are pretty much all aware of, yet most troubling is the slow recovery, as 2009 was a disaster with only $180 million in commercial real estate loans, with only a slight uptick in 2010 to $120 million.Luckily, there are some decent commercial real estate loans now being made for new commercial construction, and existing commercial buildings being sold. Many of the largest banks have individually more “in the pipeline” as the WSJ explains, than the total available for 2007. That quite frankly is just excellent news all the way around. Indeed, it makes sense for any large scale commercial construction company to start ramping up their projects now, so they are completed during the up cycle and recovery period. This will also drastically help our economy putting hundreds of thousands of skilled laborers back to work.Indeed, in studying all the information available, the commercial construction industry is looking pretty good by late 2011, and I imagine it will continue growing through 2012. It’s hard to predict anything absolutely, but all the indicators are in the positive favor. I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

The Only Commercial Construction Tips You Will Ever Need – Commercial Construction

Commercial construction can feel overwhelming when you start to try to break down each of the steps that go into the process. You might wonder exactly where to start. Or, you might have questions about commercial construction in general. Read on to find the best commercial construction tips there are.1. First, find a construction company that has a good reputation for being able to work with you, not just for you. This will also go a long ways towards making sure that future projects can have a solid start thanks to already knowing your contractor.2. A good contractor will be a solid communicator as well. That communication can eliminate cost overruns and lead to a more smoothly run project. You will be better able to build up some trust along the way as well.3. That also leads to you making sure you ask questions when you need an answer or you come across something that is not clear. Address concerns as they arise so the problem can be resolved and the project can stay on track instead of getting derailed, or the problem getting worse further down the road.4. Dig into the past on the contractor you are planning to select. You will want one that is capable of doing the job you need and doing it well. Many states have the ability for you to check their construction contractor’s license, which will tell you if the company has any liens against them as well as how long they have been in business.5. Before looking at any subcontractors, hire a good general contractor. It can be easy to take bids in the order received, but unless you have a captain for your ship, you can’t sail very far. The same is true of a construction project. You need that leader in place first.6. Define your project’s goals clearly so everyone involved understands their roles and what part they play in the project’s success. It never hurts to have a meeting to clearly outline each subcontractor’s role and responsibility.7. Though you have your blueprints and project plan, it still is a good idea to brainstorm together. It helps everyone understand what the deliverables will be as the project goes along, and the subcontractors who deal with this type of work day in and day out will be best able to spot any potential issues before they become an actual problem. Their knowledge is one of your strongest assets.8. Once you all have met and decided on the final plans and the construction timeline, break everything down into manageable stages with regular check in times. Mark down the milestones that are the highest priority and ensure everyone knows which ones they are. All of you will be working on your own aspects of the project and you don’t want anything to get lost. You will all know which of the tasks are the most time consuming, too, so everyone will be able to keep them in mind and not panic trying to get them completed.9. Use technology to your advantage by downloading some of the new construction project management apps. They are designed to help you keep in touch and on top of your project no matter where you are.
We hope these top tips will give you the advantage you need in order to be successful. Best wishes for a construction project well done!

Climate Change and Commercial Construction – Commercial Construction

At present, a commercial construction project is not just about assembling a huge mass of materials, personnel, and money, but also satisfying increasingly labyrinthine regulations and requirements. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Sticking to regulations from the very beginning of a project can ensure that legal or practical problems do not crop up later on. (Let us not forget the awful lesson learned from the earthquake in China, where government collusion in substandard projects led to huge loss of life.)This article is about another factor that people commissioning or managing a large construction project have to pay attention to, which is climate change. This falls under the heading of the inspection and assessment federal agencies have to do about the potential environmental impact of such big projects. Basically, the big question is always about whether the project will have a big impact on its environment.More and more, this “question” has included the issue of the sorts of green house gases that will be released in construction, and-of course-by the normal operation of the commercial building itself once it is built and running. Of course, the relationship between climate change and a commercial construction project goes both ways. Not only can the project impact climate, but climate change can impact the project, especially in the long term. Perhaps changing precipitation and temperatures might cause certain types of wear and tear, or change the energy needs of the people using the building. It is this second side of the relationship that is gaining more attention these days. A guideline has been drafted that may push for federal agencies to look into the impact of climate change on construction projects.The relationship between the reports of such agencies and the outcome of the commercial construction project is not straightforward. A report alone might not force a project to shut down, for example. However, an unfavorable report might be used by people who want to sue the entity or person behind a certain project. Even so, it does pay to have favorable reports. Thus, considerations about climate change should be part of a project from its inception, instead of just being tacked on later, once the main construction portion is done.Firstly, you should think about how to cut down on green house gas emissions. Information on measures of “mitigation” of the project’s effect on climate change has already been required on reports in the past, and will probably continue to be so, as more attention is focused on climate change. Furthermore, do investigate how your construction materials will be impacted by climate change. Will expansion from heat cause cracks? Is your building insulated from extreme temperatures, or if not, can insulation be introduced easily later on?Your investigations will have other benefits rather than just satisfying state bureaucrats. You may also discover certain defects or misguided choices that can be improved to better your project’s ability to weather climate change. If you plan to make good long-term use of your commercial construction project, gaining such knowledge is an excellent investment.

Facts to Look Into For Commercial Construction – Commercial Construction

For budding corporate and businessmen, it is a known fact that seeking professional help when it comes to commercial construction for their buildings is a must. This is because companies which provide quality construction and customer service allow clients to keep up with the phase of the progress, which is particularly important when time is at stake and every second counts. However, it is not wise to go blundering blindly without knowing what to look out for when in search of a company to be responsible in the construction work. Here are a few factors to be noted.First and foremost, if you are looking for a construction company which can deliver the final work of a building within the time frame while not demanding for sky high payment, companies which provide tilt-up construction might just be the one for you. This innovative form of building warehouses, retail centers and all sorts of other commercial construction sites offers wonderful speed, safety as well as cost benefits. The walls of a tilt-up building are formed horizontally using large concrete slabs or better known as panels. These panels are then tilted into its appropriate position, saving time and cost.Also, do a little background checking on the company you have in mind. Make sure that the construction company has a good reputation from past clients and that they do comply with the regulatory rules set which ranges from legal employment practices to environmental standards. You wouldn’t want your construction work to be hindered by the government due to safety issues of the company.Plus, green buildings have been the popular choice when it comes to commercial construction. Chose your construction company wisely if you wish to have a green building. This is important as with the right people and company, your commercial site would be able water and energy efficient, boasting good quality in the selection of materials and indoor environment.As a summary, choosing a construction firm to work for you is definitely not an easy task. However, with the right choice, you’d be on your way to constructing a building with an affordable price and good quality.

Commercial Construction Techniques – Commercial Construction

In this article we will explore some old and some new construction techniques that are considered by experts in the industry to be alternative techniques. Perhaps this information will inspire some future innovative building designs. The techniques discussed here are in random order and are not intended to display any particular construction preferences.If you would like a building designed that is pretty quiet and contains outstanding thermal mass, use the Insulated Concrete Forms technique to construct it. Although some builders use this technique strictly for foundations, it can be used to create entire structures. Some cons to using the ICF technique is that it can be fairly expensive to build and also difficult to modify once the structure is complete.One older construction technique that is still relatively popular is using various types of wooden logs. The materials used here can range in coping techniques with specific wood type-appropriate thermal barriers between the logs to insure an airtight structure. Detailing with this kind of technique is crucial to each project it is used for. Log construction techniques are seldom utilized for commercial structures; but in some regions of the world can be a choice preference for homes.There is also the option of commercial modular buildings. These are non-residential and code-compliant structures which are built anywhere from 60% to 90% in an offsite environment and then delivered to its ultimate destination. Upon their arrival at this destination they are put onto a concrete foundation. The end result is a totally completed structure ready for occupancy by business owners (who then add their own specific furnishings and details to the inside of the buildings.)An especially attractive form of commercial construction technique is known as float glass. This technique is “made by floating molten glass on a bed of molten metal, typically tin, although lead and various low melting point alloys were used in the past.” The standard result of this method is an extremely flat surface with a uniformed thickness to it. This technique is most frequently seen in beautifully constructed office buildings and sometimes entertainment-oriented buildings such as an opera house or a building where a symphony orchestra might perform. They are very lovely to look at and attract much attention wherever they exist.Of course, one of the most-often used types of commercial construction materials is steel, especially as a building’s internal support system. In general steel is utilized in addition to the builder using other materials to construct walls and floors. Steel is an environmentally-friendly material, structurally secure and energy efficient. Additionally, it is cost effective and can be easily modified. One huge disadvantage is that steel is a conductor of heat. A second con is that; if poorly constructed, the steel can corrode over time and it must be repaired to avoid serious consequences from occurring.

The Future of Steel Buildings in Commercial Construction – Commercial Construction

All sorts of steel commercial construction projects have been popping up in recent years. Steel buildings have long been used for warehouses and towering skyscraper office buildings, but commercial construction trends show that they are transitioning into more rural and suburban areas.This trend follows the learning curve of any great innovation. First, the adventurous first adaptors jump on board the enticing new innovation, in this case steel buildings. Then, as the rest started to notice all of the benefits and hear all of the good that comes with investing in a metal building they slowly started jumping on board. And now, the word is out; everyone has come to recognize the benefits and the trend toward smarter investing in steel buildings will continue to grow exponentially.The future of this type of buildings in commercial construction is bright. In any sort of building being constructed for commerce the final goal is to earn the largest return possible on your investment. Metal buildings are allowing business owners to do just that. With more design options, faster construction times, and a lower price tag, one might think a business owner is crazy to go with any other building material.For those of you who are thinking that steel buildings all either look like boring metal garages or lackluster towers, I’d like to welcome you to new age pre-engineered steel construction. With wood, brick, stone, and pretty much any other building material option available as siding panel options there isn’t much that another building material can do that steel can’t. The strength of steel allows businesses to design clearspan buildings to maximize the usable space; and steel is durable so it can be designed to withstand hurricanes, blizzards, earthquakes, and even tornadoes.But what do these innovations mean on the construction side of a new building?Commercial construction crews should be working to gain experience and expertise in steel construction. Yes, steel buildings are simpler to construct than other building types; especially the high-end ones that come pre-welded. But just like the previously mentioned learning curve of early adaptors of steel building there is a learning curve in constructing a steel building. The more you know and the more experience you have, the less likely you will run into unforeseeable complications, and the faster you will be able to complete a project. And in the construction industry a faster, smoother, better build means you can outbid the competition with faster more cost efficient bids; or if you’re really good you can attract jobs with your reputation.

Matchless Impact of Construction Consultants – Commercial Construction

From developing a professional website to maintenance of the financial accounts of a corporate house, necessity to assign management expert is quiet essential. When the matter of fact is related with the commercial or residential property constructions, such sort of requisites gets even more vitalized. This is the reason why, a wider range of business heads of the construction industry are seemingly settling for specialized and proficient management consultants. However, they are associated with a wider range of advantageous features too. All of which are responsible for intensifying its appreciable qualities.Planning, Designing & Hence the ExecutionFunctional effectiveness of the real estate domain is cloggy these days. As a result of which the project gets blocked at some point or the other. Undoubtedly, a dedicated team of property consultants can help to overcome any sorts of hectic circumstances. They follow a definitive mode of strategic planning from the initial stage. This is turn helps on deciding over the productive financier, builders, contractors and various other essential facets. Settling on the site for construction can also be accomplished with them. Not to end but, filtering out the unwanted investment, if any, can also be gained with their proficient role.Setting & Achieving Goals in a Budget Friendly WayUsage of capital in an apt mannerism is one of the most essential factors for any sort of edifice construction project. Maintenance of which is a vital part. This in turn helps in setting the futuristic goals. Achievement of such goals in a profitable mannerism can be gained with the help of dedicated involvement of these property and construction consultants. As a whole, proper implementation of the available capital gets actualized with this range of expertise. Necessity to obtain a wider range of loyal consumers and goodwill gets obvious with their involvement too.Insertion of Quality Materials & Completion Right on TimeTo be associated with productive loyalty and goodwill is yet another significant requirement for the property construction projects. It can be effectively achieved if the materials are first-rated. Dynamic kind of consultants can make it happen in an advantageous budgetary ways too. Again, their role in the commercial domain of the real estate world got vehemently vitalized.Contented Communication Mode for Dispute Management Communication has the power to resolve various hectic issues. Entities blended with these professional consultants ensure that a productive communication takes place in between them and their clients. As a result of which, the end-most decision gets to be impressively positive and strong. Drafts management if any, to, resolving every kind of legal formalities can thus be completed with complacent mannerisms. They are a resourceful inclusion to the construction world that can smoothly bring out the project from any kind of hassles and staple it with impressive profitability.Crucial and tactical steps and strategies observed by this kind of dedicated expert assure that, the project gets completed on time. To enjoy a lucrative profit on such completion, can also be gained with their brilliant involvement with the venture. Their effective and responsible functionality actualizes that the project fetches appreciable loyalty and branding for the construction entity too. But then, being connected with them from the preliminary stages can prove to be beneficial.

Commercial Projects – A Step-By-Step Guide to Proceed – Commercial Construction

Commercial projects cost more than residential projects. It is vital for any firm to estimate the construction cost of a particular building and assess its scope. There are some aspects that figure the cost of commercial projects like:1. The site2. The developer3. The price and quality of the raw materials4. Compensation of the labor5. Construction time span6. Economic factors7. Regulatory and Professional duesThese kinds of projects are very crucial and you must carefully hire contractors. The following are few tips that you must take into account:1. You will get many contractors; however, it is better to hire a contractor who has a good reputation in the market.2. Credentials of a company are very important. Before you hire any company or contractor, it is mandatory that you do a background check of the company.3. It is also important that you talk to the contractor and try to understand how they plan to work with you.4. If a contractor is offering a low price to you, then you must not rush in. Besides, the real price, there are also many hidden prices that companies set to escape paying tax. You should first look out for such costs and then go ahead.There are many commercial projects going on in various cities and the rates differ based on the living standards of that particular place. Hence, if you go to a posh city, then automatically the price will be high. If you are looking for commercial spaces in an mid-standard city, then the price range will revolve around a bare minimum.Now-a-days 3D layouts of various buildings have become very popular. If you want to buy a office space, then the real estate developers will show you a preview of the building structure that they will erect. As a result, you can get the idea of how the building will look like, whether it will meet your requirements. You can also include changes according to your choice. The contractors can show you samples and you can select from them. It also becomes easy for the builders to make changes before they construct the real building. Thus, the outcome is nothing but perfection.Therefore, we can state that commercial projects are quite crucial. If you can plan your project properly, then you can look forward to a valuable and worthy structure. It is just that, you need to keep the above aspects in mind and follow them closely to ace your building project.

Pole Barns – The Choice For Your Next Building Construction Project – Commercial Construction

As construction of homes and other buildings begins picking back up despite the fact that the economy has yet to fully “recover,” every builder is looking for an economical solution to meet their needs. Due to this need of affordability and efficiency in construction, pole buildings (more commonly known as pole barns) are growing in popularity for both residential and commercial designs.Pole barns are constructed using a process known as post frame construction. Post frame construction is completed by dropping posts deep into the ground and connecting them horizontally using lumber. The lumber is commonly covered in some type of sheet metal, and the poles act as the bracing, foundation, and frame of the building. Typically, pole buildings are constructed out of metal, are single story, and have shallow-pitched or gambrel roofing.The most common uses of pole barns are in agricultural settings. Horse barns and storage buildings are quite easy to construct using post frame construction and make very attractive pole barns. Pole buildings also have a commercial and industrial purpose. Companies use pole buildings for storage of a variety of hardware and other retail inventory. Large industrial manufacturing workshops can also use pole buildings to shelter their main production floor or to act as a garage of inventory or automobiles.Agricultural and commercial usage isn’t the only way pole barns are used. Residential use of these versatile buildings is on the rise for general storage purposes. The biggest area of growth in this industry is in the municipal marketplace. Government bureaus and municipalities nationwide are using post frame construction to minimize the costs of having new buildings put up while keeping to a regular improvement and maintenance schedule.Post frame construction is also one of the greener forms of construction in the marketplace. Developers are increasingly aware of choosing the most environmentally-friendly materials for the job.The next time your family, business, or government agency is considering the addition of a building to your property, you might find that pole buildings developed using post frame construction could be the perfect solution. Green, affordable, and efficiently built, pole barns or buildings can be developed in all sizes to satisfy all needs.Whether you’re in the market for a small shed or a large municipal building, pole buildings are likely the best choice for your next construction project. Make sure you consider the them next time you’re looking to develop a new piece of land.

Permits a Necessity For Renovating or Constructing a House Or Building! – Commercial Construction

There are quiet a few issues that might prop up regarding building permits for a home owner who is renovating or constructing his/her home. The factors that need attention when on a construction spree may include the cost of a building permit, the modifications required to be done as per building by laws, and all the hassles involved in applying and acquiring the various permits.Permits have to be obtained for any construction related work regulated by building code of a particular county. For example Nassau County Building Department is now enforcing the 2007 Florida Building Code. Like wise every county has it’s set of building codes that homeowners have to strictly abide by.The building department of every county in US have certain duties to perform. Their primary duties include reviews and approval of plans, issuing permits for residential and commercial construction, and performing varied inspections relating to building, plumbing, mechanical, & electrical works.When constructing a house or an office there are certain trade permits that owner of buildings have to obtain for projects undertaken. Plumbing Permits have to be obtained for different plumbing works like installation, construction, repairing or replacing rainwater piping, and subsurface drainage piping. Plumbing Permits are required for replacing water heaters, & underground pipes, or for altering piping inside a wall or ceiling.In certain cases a property owner is not required to obtain a plumbing permit. There can be some minor repairs that are needed which doesn’t alter the plumbing system much. All such minor repairs like replacement or maintenance of existing accessible fixtures, parts, or appliances etc. do not require a plumbing permit. Even when a property owner performs emergency repairs or replacement of leaked pipes concealed under walls or ceilings no permit needs to be obtained.At this point one factor that the property owner has to be particular about is that the new piping must not exceed the permitted length of 5 feet. But, if any property owner wishes to make alterations to an existing plumbing system that cannot be done without a valid permit for the same.Permits are basically required for doing any type of construction or repair activity because they ensure the health and safety of people living in that particular county, town city, be it Nassau County or New York County or any other. Safety is the primary concern behind obtaining a construction permit.